Q: Do you do physical/vinyl distribution?

Yes, we're working on it! We just need to get all the routines set to launch. But we will get there, soon. Talk to your label manager if you are interested.

Q: Can ALOADED help me produce vinyl records?

Yes, as a signed label to ALOADED we are happy to help you press your new records! Send an email to for more information and prices.

Q: Where do you press your vinyl?

In Scandinavia. We work closely with pressing plant RPM, just outside of Copenhagen. They're great, have short turnaround times and the records look and sounds amazing. Check out for more info.

Q: What's the production time for vinyl?

Normally we can have your order delivered already 30 working days from approval of Audio & Artwork.

Q: Do you have a price-list for vinyl/merch?

Yes, we do. Feel free to contact until we have it up on our website.

Q: Do you have any standard package-deals on vinyl?

Yes, we do. Great prices, quality and delivery. Feel free to contact until we they're up on our website.

Q: Do you have templates for the vinyl artwork?

Coming soon. Contact until we they'r up on our website.

Q: Can you help me with merch to my artists/label?

Yes, we can! We have a deal with a Stockholm based printer – lot's of great products and nice prices. Get in touch with for more info. We are working on presenting deals and packages on our website soon.