Q: How do you work with Sync?

Read more about how we work with sync over at

Q: Can you pitch my music to Music Supervisors?

Hopefully we can! We work with a lot of releases and have to select what we believe have the biggest chance of getting synced. Every week or so our team choses their favourites and send them out to music supervisors from all around the world. ALOADED also receives briefs where music supervisors and production companies requests a special genre/mood/lyric theme or replacement for a more expensive song. If you are connected to ALOADED's Sync Programme the chances are great your music will feature in a send out from us soon.

Q: Can I join ALOADED's Sync Programme?

If your label has a distribution agreement with ALOADED, you are already on board. We listen to your music and include tracks from your catalog in pitches to music supervisors and production companies. If you wish to join our Sync Programme although you still haven't joined our distribution, it might still be possible although it's mainly for our associated labels of course. For more info, get in touch.

Q: I have this amazing track for sync, can you listen to it?

Connected to our Sync Programme? Sure! Send it over! If not.. well send a link to it anyway, we'd love to hear it!

Q: I work as a Music Supervisor (or with a video production that could use some music), can I send you a brief of what we're looking for?

Sure! We are happy to send you some great music and let you access our catalog. ALOADED's Sync Programme includes music in many different genres, tempo, moods and price ranges. We represent some of the best new music there is – get in touch!