Q: How do I upload music to my Label Account ?

We've put together a little guide on how to upload releases on the Label Platform. This is a short introduction to our platform and upload process. Please read it before you start, it will make things easier for you.

Link: Submit your release in 10 easy steps.

Q: What do I need to know before I start uploading my releases?

Check out our guide for uploading before you begin – and make sure to follow through these 5 steps:

1. Contributors: Composer + Lyricist must be added. Personal names, not artist names. A band or group can never be credited as Composer, you will have to add each individual. The roll "Producer" is optional. Never mind the rest. Spotify and other services do not handle 'musicians', 'arrangers', 'performers' etc.

2. Contributors: Do not use 'Performer' as a roll in 'Contributors'. It will be deleted anyway.

3. Select 'Language of Performance'. This is needed when delivering the release to Apple Music & iTunes. Simply enter the language of the lyrics on each track. If it is instrumental, select "instrumental".

4. Enter publishers even if the song is un-published. Enter the name of each songwriter (composer/lyricist) and then the publishing company. If the song is un-published, please chose "Copyright Control".

5. Do not add the remixer as a featured artist. The rremixer should be stated under "Contributor" and then Role > Remixer.

Q: How do I access ALOADEDs Label Platform?

When signing with ALOADED as a label, you will receive a log-in. Contact your Label Manager or our support if you have trouble finding it or entering the platform.

Q: I have lost my password to the Label Platform, can you help me?

Yes, of course. Contact the support team!

Q: Will you claim my music on YouTube?

Short answer: Yes, per default we do monetise all music on Youtube. You have the following options in ALOADED's Label Platform under the section Usage Rights.

For fingerprinting services like YouTube and Soundcloud you can set different Rights Claim on each track,. These options are used to Block, Report or Monetise content uploaded to these services by other users.

The Block option will allow you to block this content. You can also Report or Monetise. Choosing Report will detect and report uploads of matched content by other users, while choosing Monetise will create revenue from the assets that are matched by showing ads on this content.

No Claim. Nothing is done to claim content.

Report. Report matching assets that are uploaded to the service by other users.

Block. Block matched content uploaded by other users.

Monetise. Monetise matched content uploaded by other users.

With monetisation options you are able to monetise the content you upload by showing ads. If you don’t want ads on your content, you can choose not to monetise.

Q: I need to change the metadata on a song that is already released, can you help me?

Sure! If the release is submitted, and you need to change something – please contact ALOADED support team. We will update the metadata for you.

Q: How do I change the release date after I have submitted?

Please contact the support. We will update the release date!

Please note: Changing the release date in last minute may impact playlist adds and also increase the risk of your release not going live on the (new) release date.

Q: How do I change the title of my song?

Please contact the support. We will update the title or any other meta data changes.

Please note: Changing the release date in last minute may impact playlist adds and also increase the risk of your release not going live on the (new) release date.

Q: Can you help me whitelist a Youtube channel?

Yes. Contact the support team for more info.

Q: I have a remix track on my release, how should I upload it?

1. In the "track version" field, enter "Remixed by _____________"

2. Do not add the Remixer as a featured or primary artist.

3. The name of the Remixer (artist name) should be entered under 'Contributors' > 'Role: Remixer'.

Q: Track versions, what are my options?

Unfortunately Apple/iTunes and it's guidelines doesn't give to many examples of what can be used as "track version" and what not, but here are some that we know they do accept (and not):

ACCEPTED: • Remixed by _____" • Live • Radio Edit • Instrumental • Japanese Orgel • Extended Version • Single Version • Cover Version

NOT ACCEPTED: • Album Version • Original Version • Previously Unreleased • Reissue • Original Mix

Q: Where can I find Apple's & Spotify's Metadata Style Guides?

It's key to follow the guide lines from Apple & Spotify, when delivering your releases, find all the details here.

Apple's guidelines:

Spotify's guidelines:

Q: Where do you deliver my music?

Everywhere! Please check this list of connected DSPs/streaming services.

Q: Can you deliver to genre exclusive stores like Beatport or Traxsource?

Yes! Some of our connected streaming and download services are genre specific, most notably Beatport and Traxsource, accepting dance music only. They do not accept all genres and as a label you will also need to set up a Label Profile before we can deliver your catalog. Get in touch with your Label Manager if this is of interest to you.

Beatport: Accepts the genres Dance & Electronic. (Quote: "Created by DJs, for DJs, Beatport doesn’t just serve DJ culture, it defines it.")

Traxsource: Accepts only 'Real House Music' (Quote: "Not everybody understands House Music… but we do.")

Q: Where can I see trends & analytics of my catalog?

Check analytics and trends for your catalog in the Analytics tab in your Label Login. At the moment we provide data from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, Google Music and Saavn. As soon as more DSPs open up APIs to their data, they will be added .

You can sort on assets (tracks), releases, artists, services, territory etc. You can also check playlists, gender, age groups, devices and more.

Q: Where do I find a URL to a song prior to release?

If you need a Spotify-URI or URL to your song or release before it's live, please contact our support team.

Q: When do I have to submit a release to make sure it's available on the release date?

We recommend you to deliver your priority releases four (4) weeks prior to the release date.

Since all music & metadata distributed by us go through a quality check we recommend that you deliver your release at least 10 days before the date you wish to have your music live.

We can’t guarantee that content delivered less than 10 business days in advance will be live on the expected release date, and late delivery may also impact playlist adds. This also depends on the streaming services – i.e. Spotify often accept and make your release live within 2-3 days (sometimes even in less than 36 hrs). This often means no playlist adds, and it may also vary due to busy periods, holidays etc. iTunes, Apple Music and other services normally needs more time.

Q: How should I prepare my artwork?

Recommended size: 3000 x 3000 px. (Min: 1500 x 1500 px. Max: 6000 x 6000 px.)

Recommended format: .jpg (RGB)

Apple is really strict with cover artwork. If the title and the artist name is on the cover – the spelling has to be identical. If the format is not correct, they will not accept it.

The artwork cannot contain any URLs, any pornographic material, social media logos, DSP logos or any blurry or pixelated images as a result of low quality. Make sure you have all necessary rights to the artwork and photos before uploading your cover.

Q: How should I prepare the audio files?

• WAV format only (no MP3s).

• 16 bit or 24 bit

• Stereo Audio Files

• The sampling rate has to be between 44.1 and 192KHz

Q: Do I really need the UPC & ISRC codes?

Yes, but we can create them for you. All digital releases must have a UPC code (or EAN number) to identify the release, and all tracks on the release must have unique ISRC codes to identify the songs. All stores, radio stations and collecting societies use these codes.

"EAN", "UPC" or "Barcode" is the same thing.

Q: How do I remove a release from Spotify etc?

This is not possible within the Label Platform. You will have to fill in our Metadata Update Form, and we will make sure it's gone as soon as possible.

Q: There are errors in a release that I have already submitted. What can I do?

We can help you get it right! If you want to update a release, change metadata or audio files, that's already submitted – please fill in our Metadata Update Form.