Q: Where can I find the URL or URI to my release on Spotify prior to release?

You cannot find this in the Labeel Platform, please contact our support team with your inquiry.

Q: Can I claim an Artist's Profile prior to the debut release?

Yes you can! But you will need our support team to send you an URL to your un-published profile first.

Q: How do I access Spotify Analytics for labels?

If you have a label account, go to and follow the steps for signing upp. Read more about how to gain access to Spotify Analytics here.

You can also find statistics from Spotify and other DSPs in ALOADED's Label Platform.

Q: How do we work with Spotify Analytics as a label?

Read this FAQ from Spotify , it answers a lot of questions –

For more info on how to work with Spotify as a label, check The Spotify Hub

Q: Where can I read more about how to use Spotify as a label?

Check out Spotify's Hub for labels with lots of info on how to use Spotify as a label. Click here to access the Spotify Hub for Labels.

How do I make the most out of the Spotify tools that are available?

Q: How do I claim an Artist Profile on Spotify?

1. If you are an artist, login to your Spotify account (or create a new one for this artist - free or premium doesn't matter).

2. Follow this link:

3. Search for your profile/release.

4. Verify that you have the right to claim the profile by connecting your social media channels like Instagram or Facebook.

5. Done! This could take just a minute, or a few days...

Check out the Best Practice Guides as well.

Q: This is too much, can you please help me set all this up?

Yes, we know. It can be quite a mess... If you need personal help with setting it all up (claiming profiles, create content for your profile, connect social media accounts etc etc) we are happy to help you. We take care of everything, and you can focus on your music. Our prices starts at 40 € per hour. Get in touch!