Welcome to ALOADED's Support for Labels

What is this? ALOADED's support and FAQ for connected labels and artist clients.

Why? Our support team often meet the same type of questions and requests from our labels/clients, that's why we put together this little site for you. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question.

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Common misstakes during the upload process

1. Contributors: Composer + Lyricist must be filled in. "Producer" is optional. Never mind the rest. Spotify and other services does not care about musicians, arrangers, performers etc.

2. Contributors: Do not use "Performer" as a roll in contributors.

3. Chose the language of Performance. This is needed when delivering the release to Apple Music & iTunes. Simply enter the language of the lyrics on each track. If it is instrumental, chose "instrumental".

4. Enter publishers even if the song is un-published. Enter the name on each songwriter (composer/lyricist) and then the publisher. If it is un published type "Copyright Control".

5. Do not add the remixer as a featured artist. The remixer should be entered under "Contributor" and then "Roll: Remixer".

Pitch your releases!

Help us pitch your releases to playlist editors. For optimal results, please complete the form at least 3 weeks before release date.

Find the Pitch Form here.

Metadata Style Guide

It's key to follow the guide lines from Apple & Spotify, when delivering your releases, find all the details here:

Apple's guidelines: https://help.apple.com/itc/musicstyleguide/

Spotify's guidelines: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WkXP_RBWyL9Uwri3Bh5WcJnLKM-sFi1w/view?usp=sharing